Storytime with Aunt Bungy

The late, great Eli Hedley’s name has been mentioned here before, and can be seen liberally peppered throughout Critiki and Tiki Central. Eli Hedley, the Original Beachcomber, was a fascinating character, and is responsible for much of the beachcomber aesthetic that was popular in Southern California during and just before tiki’s heyday. Eli’s grandson is Bamboo Ben, who did the decor for the Kona Club in Oakland. Now, one of Eli’s four daughters (and one of Ben’s aunts), Bungy (yep — pronounced like “bungee cord”) has joined Tiki Central and has started relating her fascinating tales of growing up in … Continue reading Storytime with Aunt Bungy

Huell Howser Oceanic Arts Episode Airing Soon

As previously reported on Critiki News, Huell Howser has an upcoming show featuring a trip to Oceanic Arts in Whittier, California (just outside Los Angeles). The episode is from his Visiting… with Huell Howser series, and is titled “Tiki,” episode #1310. The show will air on his home station, KCET Los Angeles, at 6 p.m. on November 10. Check your local listings to learn where it will air on your local PBS station. Huell Howser Productions Oceanic Arts [Critiki] new Huell Howser episode on OCEANIC ARTS [Tiki Central] Huell Howser Visits Oceanic Arts [Critiki News] Continue reading Huell Howser Oceanic Arts Episode Airing Soon