Monthly East SF Bay Gathering

Tikiphiles in the San Francisco area (the East Bay, to be specific) have started getting together at the Emeryville Trader Vic’s and the Conga Lounge in Oakland on the last Thursday of every month. Both the Emeryville Trader Vic’s and the Conga Lounge have been very tikiphile friendly in the past, and they’re offering drink specials for the event. This month, it’s a discount Dr. Funk at the Trader Vic’s, and a discount Gilligan’s Island at the Conga Lounge.

2 thoughts on “Monthly East SF Bay Gathering

  1. I’ll be there tonight! At Trader Vic’s at least, but I can’t make it to the Conga Lounge because later on I’m heading over to Hip City Soul at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland to dance to 60s soul tunes. You know I love to dance!

    Love you new blog humu! I bookmarked you.


  2. bah…it is painful sitting here in front of the computer while this event is going on in the east bay! we had a great time last month with you–so much so that scott lost the jacket off of his back! thanks jab for hooking us up! the blog looks great humu!


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