The Master Ninja — Tiki Ti's Ray Buhen

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry has written an excellent article about the life of one of the great contributors to midcentury Polynesian Pop — Tiki Ti’s Ray Buhen. Ray Buhen worked as a bartender in every great tiki bar in Los Angeles (with the notable exception of Trader Vic’s): Don the Beachcomber, Sugie’s Tropics, Steve Crane’s Luau, China Trader, Christian’s Hut… the list goes on. Ray was one of the original bartenders inventing and mixing such classics as the Blood & Sand, the Zombie, Navy Grog, Shark’s Tooth, Pearl Diver, Chief Lapu Lapu… and he taught these recipes to his son Mike, who still mixes them today at Tiki-Ti along with Ray’s grandson, also named Mike. Every Wednesday at around 8:30, a bell is rung, and the bar quiets for a special toast to thank Ray for all he gave us. The Bum’s article about Ray Buhen’s life provides a rare and entertaining view into the celebrity-rich Los Angeles bar scene from the 1930s through present-day.

One thought on “The Master Ninja — Tiki Ti's Ray Buhen

  1. I love this article! Really great history and background on the Tiki-Ti. Unusual historical photos of classic Tiki Bars are difficult to find – this article has many! This article makes Tiki Magazine #2 worth the cover cost alone….


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