The Gutting of the Kahiki

In October of 2000, the famous Kahiki Supper Club, a building on the National Historic Register, was dismantled to make way for a Walgreen’s pharmacy. At the time, it was said that pieces of the Kahiki would be saved for a reopening of the restaurant in a new location. Some of these pieces are currently on display at the Kahiki frozen foods processing plant.

It is unclear how the recent death of the Kahiki’s last owner, Michael Tsao, might impact the idea of an eventual Kahiki reopening, but as the years have gone by, hope for the idea has frustratingly faded. Over the years, there has been increasing grousing about Tsao’s apparent duplicity in asserting the restaurant would be reopened. While it is certainly a disappointment, it was Tsao’s restaurant to do with what he pleased, and unless these folks were there supporting the venture with your dollars, dining there on a regular basis, the complaint is somewhat legless. Take this as a lesson: support your local Polynesian Pop!

TheMuggler has recently posted his picture gallery of the dismantling of the Kahiki on Tiki Central.

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