Tiki Farm's Great Tiki Treasure Hunt

Tiki Farm has created an ongoing contest, The Great Tiki Treasure Hunt. The first contest was completed yesterday, and involved a scavenger hunt that started with clues found on the back of the latest issue of Tiki Magazine, which led to various virtual and real-life hint hunts, including some destinations in Southern California. Some of the 20 winners were from outside the Southern California area, and had partnered with those who were able to complete the search locally. Winners have claimed unspecified “booty” from the Great Tiki Treasure Hunt’s mysterious protagonist, Dagmar.

There is a bit of mystery surrounding the Great Tiki Treasure Hunt, which is fitting for such a piratey endeavor, and those who have found the booty have proclaimed it to be very fun.

This is reportedly just one in a series of Great Tiki Treasure Hunts coming from Tiki Farm, and future contests will likely use a variety of formats to allow people from all over to compete for the prizes (some of which are rumored to be very grand, indeed).

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