Crazy Al on TV & Runnin' for Charity

Tiki carver and entertainer extraordinaire Crazy Al Evans is going to be on television this week, on TV Guide Channel’s show “Ready Set Change.” He’s part of an episode called “Gilligan’s Backyard,” and he carved tiki #94 during the show. Here’s the schedule for when his episode is airing:

Monday 8/29 – 8pm/7pm Central and 11pm/10pm Central
Tuesday 8/30 – 12pm/11am Central
Thursday 9/1 – 9pm/8pm and 12am/11pm Central
Saturday 9/3 – 2pm/1pm Central
Sunday 9/4 – 6pm/5pm Central

If you are a DirecTV subscriber, TV Guide Channel is 224, and Ready, Set, Change airs at 8pm Eastern (which is 5pm Pacific / 6pm Central) .

Crazy Al is also currently preparing to walk/run a half marathon and a full marathon to support the American Stroke Association, and he’s seeking contributions to this worthy cause. He’s hoping “to get a special commemorative tiki gift made for those contributors that have been very generous to the cause.” For more information, see his team’s webpage.

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