Massive Moai: Hollywood

My friend Sabu and I have been wanting to go document the massive moai (over 5′) in our neck of the woods, and inspire others to do the same. We haven’t been able to do our explorations just yet, but fellow tiki explorer Tikijackelope has spotted some fantastic moai — four of ’em — right here in Hollywood. They’re at C. P. Three Prop House (not a Star Wars reference — C. P. stands for Cinema Props, it’s the third of four prop houses), owned by Omega Cinema Props, and have reportedly been used in a few film productions. They’re strapped right to the side of the building, and are in plain view.

2 thoughts on “Massive Moai: Hollywood

  1. Rumor has it that there is a surviving Aku Aku Stardust Moai out in Riverside. Contact Von Franco and or Holden. The B-One father and son tiki team somehow got it a while back. You’s might want to check into this too.


  2. I bartend at the Tonga Hut in North Hollywood and I just thought I would inform those of you that care….

    that the Tonga HUt has a 8′ or 9′ moai, he is made out of simulated stone, and I’ve named him “Stoney”.

    Just thought I would let you know :->

    All My Best,

    Bartender at TONGA HUT


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