Mission Tiki: A New Tiki Drive-In

Mission Tiki, a tiki-themed drive-in, is being developed in Montclair, California. Mission Tiki is the remodelling of a drive-in that opened in 1956, the Mission Drive-in at 10798 Ramona Ave (the corner of Mission & Ramona). It’s being developed by De Anza, the same folks responsible for the immensely popular Starlight Drive-in in Atlanta, Georgia. De Anza’s Teri Oldknow says that she hopes to get the same sort of special events going at Mission Tiki that have become an institution at Starlight, where movies are just part of the attraction, including car shows and flea markets. De Anza has turned to one of my very favorite tiki artists, Tiki Diablo, to outfit the Mission Tiki.

6 thoughts on “Mission Tiki: A New Tiki Drive-In

  1. Thanks for sharing that link, Swanky, I’d missed that the Drive Invasion was this weekend!

    Yeah, not Don Cherry, but Jim Cherry. Jim shared some of his design ideas for the Mission Tiki with me, and they were spiffy, it would have been great. It was a shame to hear that Jim & Teri weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, but it happens. Teri’s made a great choice in Danny, too, Danny always does excellent work, and I’m excited to see it once he’s done.


  2. not Don Cherry, but Jim Cherry

    D’oh. I must’ve had avant-garde jazz on my mind…:-)

    Yeah, Jim told me he wanted a more updated tiki look, and the developers wanted pure retro.


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