Tiki Farm's Great Tiki Treasure Hunt

Tiki Farm has created an ongoing contest, The Great Tiki Treasure Hunt. The first contest was completed yesterday, and involved a scavenger hunt that started with clues found on the back of the latest issue of Tiki Magazine, which led to various virtual and real-life hint hunts, including some destinations in Southern California. Some of the 20 winners were from outside the Southern California area, and had partnered with those who were able to complete the search locally. Winners have claimed unspecified “booty” from the Great Tiki Treasure Hunt’s mysterious protagonist, Dagmar. There is a bit of mystery surrounding the … Continue reading Tiki Farm's Great Tiki Treasure Hunt

New Ooga-Mooga Feature: Wish Lists

I’ve just finished a new feature for my tiki mug collecting website, Ooga-Mooga. Collectors have been able to privately track the mugs they wanted by using Favorites, Wish List is a separate Favorites list that is public, to let people know what you’re looking for. You can now see what mugs a collector is looking for (useful when they’ve offered up a mug for trade), and you can also see which collectors may be interested in a mug in your collection. Also fun: you can see which mugs are most wished-for in the Statistics pages. Also — anyone who signs … Continue reading New Ooga-Mooga Feature: Wish Lists

Daniel Balsz, Creator of The Tikis, Has Died

Daniel Balsz, who was responsible for creating the fabled “The Tikis” in Monterey Park and Lake Elsinore, passed away on August 5, 2005 at age 79. Balsz had been living in Las Vegas, and died in his home. At its zenith, The Tikis was an unrivalled spectacle of nighttime entertainment, with active volcanoes and a massive dance troupe entertaining hundreds nightly. Balsz lost his first Tikis location due to a divorce brought on by a dalliance with one of his hula maidens, and a second location never really quite materialized, being used in recent years as a paint ball course. … Continue reading Daniel Balsz, Creator of The Tikis, Has Died

The Gutting of the Kahiki

In October of 2000, the famous Kahiki Supper Club, a building on the National Historic Register, was dismantled to make way for a Walgreen’s pharmacy. At the time, it was said that pieces of the Kahiki would be saved for a reopening of the restaurant in a new location. Some of these pieces are currently on display at the Kahiki frozen foods processing plant. It is unclear how the recent death of the Kahiki’s last owner, Michael Tsao, might impact the idea of an eventual Kahiki reopening, but as the years have gone by, hope for the idea has frustratingly … Continue reading The Gutting of the Kahiki

Which City is the Most Tiki?

An interesting discussion is taking place on Tiki Central. Christiki295 posed the question, “which city is the most tiki?”, prompting various folks to weigh in on the strengths of various Polynesian Pop hotspots, past & present. Generally, Los Angeles seems to be getting the most attention. Which City is the Most Tiki? [Tiki Central] My own assessment… All the cities that have been mentioned are worthy contenders, and have varying states of tikiness in their histories and present-day. Assuming that the use of the word “tiki” in the question relates semantically to what we’re all gathered here for (midcentury Polynesian … Continue reading Which City is the Most Tiki?

Exotica Sundays at the Lucky Tiki

The Lucky Tiki is a new tiki bar from Bobby Green, who is also responsible for the much loved Bigfoot Lounge and Little Cave bars in the Los Angeles area. This new location is in Mission Hills (conveniently located where the 405 meets the 118). The small bar boasts an impressive interior, with a bar featuring carvings by Tiki Diablo, carved tiki stools from Tiki Tony, and a large stone fireplace and tiki pole from Crazy Al Evans. It’s appropriately dark & moody, a nice escape. Starting a few months ago, DJ Lee Joseph (owner of Dionysus Records) started spinning … Continue reading Exotica Sundays at the Lucky Tiki