SimFlame Flicker Lights

In “Perfect Tiki Bar: The Lighting,” I briefly touched on how to make light bulbs look like flame: Flame-look flicker bulbs can be purchased, but their wattage is so low that they really are not useful for light at all. Disneyland uses special trickery to allow bulbs of any sort to flicker like flame. The electrical controls can be expensive, but someone who knows what they’re doing can tackle the project for under a hundred dollars. I’ve learned of an electrical control called SimFlame that can be purchased for just over a hundred dollars, and it is essentially three control … Continue reading SimFlame Flicker Lights

Tiki Search in Rollyo

I’ve created a tiki “searchroll” on a new site called Rollyo. It lets you search multiple tiki reference websites — Tiki Central, Critiki, Ooga-Mooga, Tiki News mailing list archives, and this site — all in one place. It uses Yahoo! Search; I’ve come to prefer Yahoo! and MSN searches more than Google’s search lately. Rollyo is pretty new, and they’re still working on some of the features. They’re planning on creating a searchbox that I could add here on Critiki News, but it’s not available yet. I can’t figure out how to link directly to the searchroll yet, so for … Continue reading Tiki Search in Rollyo

Tiki Central Now Has RSS Feeds

Hanford Lemoore has added RSS feeds to Tiki Central. General Tiki, Locating Tiki, Tiki Events, Collecting Tiki, Tiki Marketplace, Tiki Drinks & Food, Tiki Music, Beyond Tiki and Bilge each have their own separate feed. The feed shows which threads were most recently posted to, and by whom. This is Tiki Central’s first foray into RSS, and Lemoore may refine how the RSS feed works or add additional ones in the future. New Feature: Tiki Central RSS feeds beta [Tiki Central] Continue reading Tiki Central Now Has RSS Feeds