Open a Midcentury Polynesian Restaurant Today: The Luau Room

In Louisville, Kentucky, there is an amazing and fortunate anomaly — a Polynesian restaurant that could be reopened today, despite having been closed for many, many years. The Luau Room, which was a dramatic A-framed Polynesian restaurant with large tikis, two bars, and thatching and huts to create intimate subrooms, later became a Mexican restaurant, a Salvation Army (!), and most recently a nightclub. Here’s the amazing-and-fortunate-anomaly part: the owner of the space has insisted that the tiki decor remain through all these incarnations, and in fact reportedly has more decor stored in a warehouse. The space is now for lease again. Louisville resident and tikiphile Nancy Beranek has made it a personal quest to see the Luau Room reopened and restored to its tiki glory, and has been working to get the word out to those who might be able to make it happen. If you are interested in learning more about the possibility of leasing this space and opening your very own palace of paradise, the leasing agent is Jody Zimmerman, (502)562-9200.

2 thoughts on “Open a Midcentury Polynesian Restaurant Today: The Luau Room

  1. Tiki has just recently peaked my interest, in the collecting & learning sense. I build a tiki bar by my pool a couple of years ago, and have expanded (and still am expanding) on it since, but never really got into actually learning anything about tiki…until I bought a Hawaiian Inn Paddle Licker Mug for $2 at a local flea market. After doing some research, I was hooked. Since then, I collected many items – I can’t help, I love the stuff. As I told my wife, “Collecting tiki is my favorite thing to do, so get used to it.”
    I just read last night on Tiki Central about the Luau Room. I didn’t even know that Louisville had once hosted a tiki bar/restaurant. I noticed that the thread was from 2003, so I was wondering what do you know of any progress has been made with this building…or if it’s even still there! I live in New Albany, IN (just across the river from Louisville). Any info you can share would be great.



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