New Ooga-Mooga Feature: About This Collection

Being able to see which mugs a person has selected for their collection, and even how they’ve chosen to photograph them, gives it so much life. Each mug in that collection has a new layer to their story because they’re owned by that person. Now the About This Collection feature adds a little bit more personality.

If you have a Standard or Trader account, you can tell people visiting your collection page about your collection, in a paragraph of text that appears right above it. Go to Account Settings and fill out “About This Collection” to see how it works.

Also, I have one of my mugs up for auction right now (part of the “eBay for PJ” fundraiser effort for New Orleans tikiphile Purple Jade). Naturally, I have up in the Mugs for Sale section of Ooga-Mooga, so you can see how that works, now too. I already have 6 bids! It’s pretty neat.

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