Make Ku Cry: Weeping Warrior Candles

The Crier Candle from Suburban Pagan
The Crier Candle from Suburban Pagan

This may appear to be a basic tiki candle — but looks are deceiving. This candle is cunningly crafted to let melted wax leak through the eyesockets like tears, reducing the mighty tiki warrior into a sensitive, fragile creature, who perhaps could use some reassurance about his fierceness. The candle above is the creation of Suburban Pagan, his inspiration was an old souvenir Weeping Warrior candle that was one of his first tiki finds. Other fans of the crying tiki candle genre have been sharing their vintage candles on Tiki Central, and there are some real beauties. Of course the bummer about these vintage candles is that they’re consumable items — you only get to see him cry for a while before he’s melted away — so it’s great that someone is making these again. Now you can make your tiki cry without feeling guilty!

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