New Critiki Feature: Critiki Maps

Critiki Maps
Critiki Maps

Ok, this is pretty cool. Thanks to Google Maps, I’ve been able to create maps in Critiki that will show all the tiki to be found in an area. Any location for which I have accurate latitude & longitude data now has a “View on Critiki Map” link (only visible when you’re logged in — registration is free, spam-free, and totally painless). It will display that tiki location plotted on a map, along with all other tiki locations in the area. You can also choose “By Critiki Map” under the Browse section for a view of the whole durned planet with all the tiki spots highlighted. It works just like Google Maps, so you can zoom in & out, click and drag to pan around, and you can switch to satellite mode to see actual aerial photographs of the area. Special tip of the hat to Scott McGerik; I was inspired to delve into the Google Maps API after seeing how he’d used it on his website to plot restaurants he’s reviewed.

6 thoughts on “New Critiki Feature: Critiki Maps

  1. Ouch, it locked up my browser. IE 6.0.29 on WinXP Pro Came up with an error box saying it was closing, but instead just locked and I could not close it. I’ll try a few more options…


  2. IE has proven more finicky than Firefox & Safari… on my test machines here, it throws an error, but then loads up just fine. I’m working on some ideas to get it running more smoothly on IE.


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