Hukilau Seeking Volunteers

Tiki Kiliki is sending out the call to those who have expressed an interest in volunteering at Hukilau. In addition to getting a warm and fuzzy feeling from helping create a sure-to-be-stupendous event, Hukilau volunteers also will get a first-look at the vendors, and a special gift from Tiki Kiliki. It’s volunteers who help keep massive and complicated events like Hukilau easy and affordable for so many people, and volunteering is actually fun, to boot — I’ve volunteered at events in the past, and will be doing so again at this year’s Hukilau. Those who are interested in volunteering should contact Tiki Kiliki, but be sure to read her post on Tiki Central first to get the specifics on how it works.

Also, any email about the Hukilau should go to — there have been some technical difficulties with domain’s email, so don’t send any email there.

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