New Tiki Bar in Denver: Tiki Boyd's

There hasn’t been a tiki bar in Denver for a long, long time. The day has come for Denver tikiphiles to rejoice, for tiki has returned. Tiki Boyd’s, in the Ramada downtown, is the creation of Boyd Rice. Yes, that Boyd Rice. Rice is a tikiphile and a vintage music enthusiast; Tiki Boyd’s is reportedly playing music only from vinyl. Tiki Boyd’s is still pretty new, and the bartenders are still expanding their roster of tropical cocktails, but Frank from Modern Drunkard says it’s “well on its way.”

5 thoughts on “New Tiki Bar in Denver: Tiki Boyd's

  1. I’m gonna be in the Denver area in a few weeks, I’ll definitely check this place out. Maybe Boyd will be there in his Neo-Nazi duds, leading a Black Mass while holding a Mai Tai?


  2. Nope. Opening a Tiki bar isn’t enough to give someone a pass on all their well documented proto-fascist, white supremacist, rape-loving misogyny. If Hitler had a home bar I wouldn’t go there either.


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