1961 Hawaiian Vacation Scrapbook

Hawaiian trip scrapbook, from the collection of the jab
Hawaiian trip scrapbook, from the collection of the jab

The Jab made a fantastic discovery at a recent estate sale — the scrapbook from a woman’s vacation to Hawaii in 1961. Quoth the jab:

Miss Lorraine Penniman of Oakland booked an escorted cruise tour through American Express for passage on Matson Lines’ SS Mariposa from San Francisco to Honolulu. According to the tour itinerary the ship arrived in Honolulu on the 6th. day, she toured Waikiki for the 7th. through 11th. days, flew to Maui and then Hilo, Hawaii on the 12th. day, stayed in Hawaii until the 15th. day, when she flew to Kauai, and returning to Honlulu on the 17th. day. But there is a receipt from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki for 11 days lodging so I’m not sure if she stayed in Waikiki or went on the tour.

The cost for the cruise and tour was $907 ($395 for the cruise and $512 for the tour and lodging). The Royal Hawaiian Hotel receipt showed a charge of $194.59 for 11 nights. Miss Penniman flew home on Pan Am to San Francisco for $133.

For those keeping track at home, Miss Penniman spent at least $1235 on this trip — that’s right around $8000 today, accounting for inflation. And a deluxe trip it was — her scrapbook is full of menus, napkins, cruise directories, maps, brochures, receipts, greeting cards (Bon Voyage!), postcards, postcards and more postcards. The Jab has posted many photos of the scrapbook on Tiki Central.

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