Haunted Pufferfish Lamp

Spooky Haunted Pufferfish
Spooky Haunted Pufferfish

Exotica59 recently made a great score on eBay, a pufferfish lamp for only $35. The catch is that it’s purportedly haunted. That’s right, a pufferfish lamp that comes with its very own ghost — not just any ghost, but the owner of a now-defunct tiki bar in Galveston.

Per the auction listing:

this hanging swag blow-fish lamp was that of a former bar owner… he has crossed over to the other side, but he is drawn by the use of the lamp! As a professional psychic I was called into this estate last year to assist the family, the family was alarmed that their fathers appartion would be seen everytime this lamp was lit… it didn’t matter the time of day… I explained to them that ghost , can’ t see as clearly as we do , and that he was able to make out the lamp, from the other side… “they did not want to keep the lamp.” As a psychic I have noticed since I have brought it home, that everytime I turn it on, usually within an hour this apparition shows…. ( this is a real authentic haunted item) he will scare you if you are not aware… But he is not malicious, he is not evil.

Like any good tikiphile would, exotica59 poked around a bit, and found a still-operating bar in Galveston, a gay bar called Garza’s Kon Tiki. Upon contacting the seller to inquire if this was the same bar, the reply came:

yes, this is the same bar, it used to be in another location on Galveston Island back in 1976 from which the lamp came, it was called the Kon tiki and in fact it was a gay bar. The current Kon tiki, the glitzy gay bar you located is it! years ago they were in another location on the island a different owner and it was not glitzy the decor was different.

So, there you have it. A pufferfish lamp that can’t shake its dead gay tiki bar proprietor owner. For only $35 bucks. Thank you eBay.

2 thoughts on “Haunted Pufferfish Lamp

  1. Dear Tiki,
    i have been studying various haunted items like the haunted toenail of king lemon grass and the the mono brow of hermoulous abagrab a cave man and i have looked at this article and researched itno this ‘haunted puffer fish lamp’ and i have concluded that puffer fish make really good lamps.
    doctor monkeybut


  2. I know the bar you are talking about (the original Kon Tiki Club). I lived on Galveston Island in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s and we went to the Kon Tiki all the time. It was a great bar.

    They had this revolving dance floor with underlighting that flashed a cock and ball design, but to me it always looked more like a bunch of blow dryers. I don’t remember ever seeing the puffer fish swag lamp, though! What a find!


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