Martiki Bartending at the New San Francisco Trader Vic's

Martiki, creator of the legendary Foggy Grotto and Novato Grotto home tiki lounges, Elite Tiki Central Agent, co-organizer of the annual San Francisco Tiki Crawl, and all-around master mixologist, has recently started bartending at the new downtown San Francisco Trader Vic’s. Martiki started there three months ago, but his work perfecting the complicated concoctions began well before that Trader Vic’s had even opened for business — he has long been a devotee of the properly crafted cocktail. Despite having no professional bartending experience, Trader Vic’s quickly realized how perfect Martiki would be behind their bar. Upon hearing this exciting news, Book of Tiki author Sven Kirsten had this to say:

Never have thought it possible that the commercial and the underground side of Tiki would meet in such a beneficial way. Carving Tikis, making mugs, yeah, but becoming a Trader Vic’s bartender, all by your own dedication? That’s going all the way.

Martiki’s current schedule has him behind the bar Friday, Sunday and Monday from 4 p.m. to midnight, and Thursday during lunch. Stop in for the finest drinks you can get in San Francisco, and be sure to congratulate Trader Vic’s on their hiring coup.

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