Huell Howser Visits Oceanic Arts

Huell Howser, the Tennessee native always on the lookout for amazing things to see in California, has made a visit to Oceanic Arts for one of his umpteen public television series. Little is known in terms of details, but so far we know it might air in November, and that he might have enjoyed a Mai Tai or two while there. Oceanic Arts is certainly worthy of the Huell Howser treatment: Bob & Leroy created what has become an institution in Southern California, a sort of Home Depot for tikiphiles. Oceanic Arts has been responsible for outfitting a mind-boggling number of tiki bars and Polynesian restaurants through the decades, and continue to do so today. Their warehouse in Whittier, just east of Los Angeles, is a must-see for any visiting tikiphiles. I’ll post more information about air dates & whatnot as it comes available.

2 thoughts on “Huell Howser Visits Oceanic Arts

  1. My Dad, Bruce Sahli, carved a lot of tiki’s in the 60’s and 70’s and was associated with Oceanic Arts in Whittier. I am happy to see you guys are still around. I remember cutting circular rattan down the middle in the early 60’s and getting paid $5 for it, man, what a treat. For a kid, it was a lot of money, and a lot of fun. Probably wouldn’t have a kid do that today. Anyway, any old timers remember Bruce Sahli there??? He passed away in his sleep in 1990. He was a crazy old guy, love him.

    Joe PS: Did I miss the special on PBS? Will it air again? I could Tivo it.


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