Honolulu Restaurant Lives On — Sort Of

Honolulu 2, photo by ikitnrev
Honolulu 2, photo by ikitnrev

For more than 25 years, the Honolulu Restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia was a much-beloved Polynesian oasis for those in the Washington, D.C. area. Honolulu was owned by David and Anna Chan; David had been a bartender at the Washington, D.C. Trader Vic’s. Honolulu remained popular right to the end in April 2004, when its closure was forced by a highway development project. The Chans have moved on to their Internet-based business, Time2Tiki, where they sell bottled versions of the sauces and drink mixes that are missed by the Honolulu’s many regulars.

Ikitnrev was invited to the opening party of Honolulu II — this is not a re-opening of the Honolulu Restaurant, but rather a private space created by longtime customers who simply missed the Honolulu too much. These folks were able to acquire some pieces of the Honolulu, including murals, booths, and tiki decor (Tiki Centralites Ikitnrev and Sabina were also able to take in some artifacts from the Honolulu during its closing auction). In creating this private tribute to the Honolulu, the owners tried to stay as faithful to the original as possible, right down to mimicking the layout. Ikitnrev has posted pictures and a description of this unique hideaway on Tiki Central.

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