Mr. Bali Hai’s Tiki Pinball Fortune

Bali Hi Pinball Machine
Bali Hi Pinball Machine

Mr. Bali Hai, who keeps an excellent blog called The Eye of the Goof, has long desired a pinball machine for his in-the-works home tiki bar. Through a tip, he learned of a 1973 Bally pinball machine called “Bali Hi.” The back imagery is perhaps more Thai/Asian than Polynesian, but it has a very exotic look to it, and clearly this was the pinball machine for Mr. Bali Hai. It’s a rare machine — only 80 were produced — but amazingly Mr. Bali Hai was able to track one down in excellent condition. He’ll be making a 1,400 mile round trip journey to Cleveland, Ohio bring this beautiful beast to its new home in Western Wisconsin. A fellow named Wolfgang, from Hamburg, Germany, was inspired by Mr. Bali Hai’s pinball find to create some artwork send him a pic of a piece he’d created a few years ago for a fictional tiki pinball game with a similar graphic design.

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