September’s Last Thursday East Bay Tiki Gathering

Tiki at Emeryville Trader Vic's
Tiki at Emeryville Trader Vic’s

This coming Thursday, September 29, will be the latest of the monthly Last Thursday tiki gatherings on the East Bay of San Francisco. The group meets first at Trader Vic’s in Emeryville around 7 p.m., then the troops advance to the Conga Lounge in Oakland at around 9:30 p.m., staying until close. This month, Trader Vic’s is offering our group a drink special on Tonga Punch ($6), and the Conga Lounge is offering a discount on their Gilligan’s Island drink and appetizers. Conga Lounge has arranged for a bit of live music for us, featuring “Makers” Mike from Project:Pimento and Apocalypso Now. The group is small and very friendly, it’s a great opportunity for new people to come out and get to know other tikiphiles. Ikitnrev will be jetting into the Bay Area earlier that day from the east coast, and he’ll try to join us.

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