Tiki Search in Rollyo

I’ve created a tiki “searchroll” on a new site called Rollyo. It lets you search multiple tiki reference websites — Tiki Central, Critiki, Ooga-Mooga, Tiki News mailing list archives, and this site — all in one place. It uses Yahoo! Search; I’ve come to prefer Yahoo! and MSN searches more than Google’s search lately. Rollyo is pretty new, and they’re still working on some of the features. They’re planning on creating a searchbox that I could add here on Critiki News, but it’s not available yet. I can’t figure out how to link directly to the searchroll yet, so for now I’ve linked to my profile on Rollyo, which has a link to the searchroll.

If I decide it’s not sucky, I’ll add it to the side bar.

Update: Critiki News reader Steef passed along the link that takes you directly to the Tiki Search in Rollyo. Thanks, Steef!

5 thoughts on “Tiki Search in Rollyo

  1. I’m with you on Yahoo over Google. Google has changed things around so much that they don’t work well. Sad. Yahoo is now far better. Too much paranoia at Google.


  2. Looking at how the search works, it’s odd that Rollyo hasn’t set up their searchbox tool yet — if I decide I like the search enough to add it to the side bar, it’ll be trivial for me to make my own.


  3. Interesting. I’ll have to revisit Yahoo search and give Rollyo a roll. Google’s been pretty good to my ‘blog in terms of rankings, but their plethora of crappy beta products and unrepentant dotcom attitude rub me the wrong way sometimes…

    …and I’ll never forgive them for Orkut.


  4. In my eyes, it’s not so much that Google has gone bad, as that it hasn’t kept up. Some of the things they’re doing have potential (Google Maps, Froogle), but Yahoo! and MSN have updated their search technology, and I just find that they do a better job of getting me what I’m looking for.

    I’ve also got a more personal bone to pick — try searching on all three sites for “tiki bars” and compare the results. Critiki, which I happen to think is a not-entirely-crappy source of information on the subject, comes up near the top on Yahoo! and MSN, and doesn’t come up at all — after 28 pages of results! — on Google. It’s not that Critiki isn’t in Google, because if you search on “Tur Mai Kai,” a relavitely obscure tiki bar, Critiki comes right up. Gah. I’m just tired of worrying about SEO and Google, I’d rather that my sites got to the top of search results because they’d earned the position with relevant content.


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