Kon-Tiki Sails Again

Members of the Tangaroa Expedition, photo from Kon-Tiki Museum
Members of the Tangaroa Expedition, photo from Kon-Tiki Museum

A group of explorers plan to recreate the dramatic expedition that launched Thor Heyerdahl’s adventurous career — they plan to float across the Pacific Ocean from Peru to Polynesia on a simple balsawood raft. Thor Heyerdahl’s raft was named, of course, the Kon-Tiki; this new raft will be named Tangaroa, for the fishing god. This latest expedition was originally planned for the beginning of 2005 and was postponed after last year’s tsunami complicated fundraising efforts; the launch is now planned for April 28, 2006. The team is led by Torgeir Sæverud Higraff, 31, a journalist and teacher. Thor Heyerdahl’s grandson, Olav Heyerdahl, will also be on the raft. The 28-year-old will lead the efforts to construct the balsawood raft in Peru. The two will be joined by Anders Berg, Inge Meløy, and Dag Oppen-Berntsen, and they hope to add a sixth crew member from Peru. The expedition is reported to cost $900,000, with funding coming from the Norwegian Environment Industry and various sponsors, and is endorsed and supported by the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo and the Heyerdahl family. While the team wants to keep true to the primitive spirit of the adventure by keeping the raft simple, there will be some modern equipment on board, including solar panels and a satellite connection for Internet updates.

2 thoughts on “Kon-Tiki Sails Again

    TAHITI. A fantastic celebration in expected.
    I witnessed their launch onto the pacific ocean in calloa,peru, (Lima).
    peuvian Navy send off- dress parade- band- dignitaries—

    momentous, exciting,historic . scientific expedition.

    look up tangaroa.no .



  2. But, topping the Tangaroa, Michael Lanowski and Poppa Neutrino are setting out to cross the Pacific for China, leaving Portland Oregon Dec. 2006, to head down the coast to Baja Mexico and wait for the right season, then off to China for the Olympics. Following that a planned circumnavigation of the globe. Cost for this journey to date: $2000, and probably won’t cost more than another $2000. depending entirely on equipment and clothes necessary for a safe journey. That also includes a lot of food. Why the Tangaroa crew needed $900,000 is beyond me. I could live the rest of my life on that amount, easilly. However, anyone wishing to sponsor Poppa Neutrino and myself, is welcome to provide us with monetary assistance. We’re pretty much broke at this point. But guess what, our rafts will launch and sail. I can promise that, as long as we’re still breathing and not seriously injured. I guess we won’t have the big sendoff either. Our 2 rafts, by the way, are 4 feet wide by 32 feet long. I’d like to see someone top this adventure!


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