Nashville Tiki History: Omni Hut, Mahi Mahi and Blue Hawaii

Swanky recently had an opportunity to sit down with the owner of Smyrna, Tennessee’s Omni Hut, Jim Walls, while visiting to help Turner South film a “Tiki Blue Ribbon” show there. While talking to Walls and his family, Swanky learned some details about Walls’ history. Walls started the Omni Hut (initially named “Chinese Cuisine”) after retiring from the Air Force in 1960; he had taken up cooking as a hobby and second job during his travels with the military, most notably in pre-World War II Honolulu. Walls also briefly owned the Mahi Mahi restaurant in nearby Nashville, which later became … Continue reading Nashville Tiki History: Omni Hut, Mahi Mahi and Blue Hawaii

Chin Tiki in Detroit: An Update

James Teitelbaum has an update on the Chin Tiki: Marvin and his son Marlon would like to reopen Chin Tiki’s upstairs floor for private events, and possibly as a full time night club. If that goes well, they would like to reopen the (more severely wrecked) downstairs at some point as well. They would like to have the upstairs space ready in time for the Superbowl in January, 2006, which is being held in Detroit. The stadium is walking distance from Chin Tiki. They have a lot of hurdles to overcome, such as plumming problems, water damage, and others. Also, … Continue reading Chin Tiki in Detroit: An Update