Details on the New Trader Vic’s Las Vegas, Scottsdale

Some details have emerged about the new Las Vegas Trader Vic’s, courtesy of Critiki News friend Inky Louise:

The Vegas location is slated to go in the Desert Passage mall, that is adjacent to the alladin. They have a lease on a 2 story 10,000sf space that overlooks the strip and has some outdoor terrace areas, on the north side of the property overlooking bellagio and paris. right now i would think they might be opoen sometime next summer.

Inky also mentions that the Alladin is being turned into the Planet Hollywood Casino, and that Desert Passage will also undergo a revamp. The other confirmed new Trader Vic’s location (in addition to the earlier-reported Bellevue, WA Vic’s) is Scottsdale, scheduled to open in April 2006. AJ, who was a manager at the Chicago Trader Vic’s until he resigned after the crapola management change there, still remains a happy member of the Trader Vic’s organization and will manage the new Scottsdale site. Otto von Stroheim mentions that Denver remains on the short-list for future expansion.

9 thoughts on “Details on the New Trader Vic’s Las Vegas, Scottsdale

  1. Sven of Trader Vic’s contacted us about doing the opening party for TV Las Vegas a year or two ago. He said then that it was to be the largest TV and the most traditional in style built in a long time. I don’t know where all that stands now, but it’s good to know it’s still moving forward. It had been so long I thought they had scrapped the idea.


  2. Oxoltol!

    Humuhumu – fun to see and read your blog and various da kine here. Do you know/have contact info for Scottsdale manager of Trader Vics? I am from Phoenix by way of Okonkuluku and wouldn’t it be cool if WAITIKI opened the restaurant! I’d like to pitch dis info to dis man.

    Holla back on da coconut wireless.



  3. There’s absoultely no mention of Vegas at Vic’s right now. I would not hold your breath. All the attention is on Bellevue and Scottsdale. The GM and Exec. Chef of Bellevue are working at Vic’s SF right now, and there’s no sign of anyone from Scottsdale yet (except AJ). Bellevue is still under construction as well.


  4. Hi

    An update straight from the mouth of the panda: I called them to just ask about a contact. Jeff out in the 415 talked story with me for a bit and said that Scottsdale is slated for April 06 now since bad spring weather halted the construction of the (new) building. E.g. not taking over a new place.

    Vegas on the other hand is being redone in an existing strucutre; but contract just signed last week. That will be later in 2006 than the scottsdale location. I didn’t get a direct contact since Jeff didn’t know who that would be; but he solicted an email from me and our website/info so I sent that along so he can fwd to correct people.

    he also said to check back on da site periodically too since dey will post mo info der as it becomes available.



  5. Mickeba Sez! Vegas is a natural for TV. It’s happening, it’s exciting. It’s perfect, Vegas is. I sent an email about 2 years ago to the mgmt. at TV corporate and suggested they put a TV into the Mirage or Mandalay Bay. I thought the South Seas theme of either hotel would make for the perfect venue for a TV. I got an immediate email reply asking me who I was and if I’d read the press release. I knew after reading this site not long after that I was on to something. When the Seattle TV closed in ’82, it was a sad sad day in the enchanted tiki world. When it opens, Vegas TV will rock!



  6. Trader vic’s in Scottsdale isnt the same anymore. The food isnt much better and the drinks well i go for a Scorpion and the last time I was there a puny orchid was on top of my drink what is that about?


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