Get a Crazy Al Tiki for $10 & Help the American Stroke Association

Crazy Al Tiki #100
Crazy Al Tiki #100

Crazy Al Evans is busting his butt in oh-so-many ways to raise money for the American Stroke Association. He’s organizing an art auction to take place November 6 at the Lucky Tiki in Mission Hills — Bamboo Ben and Basement Kahuna have already contributed pieces to be auctioned at this event, all proceeds go to the American Stroke Association. If you have some art you’d like to contribute to the auction, Crazy Al would love to hear from you. He’s also training to run in the Honolulu Marathon for the ASA — every $10 you pledge gets you a raffle ticket in a drawing to own Crazy Al’s Tiki #100 (pictured above).

Some sobering stroke statistics: every 45 seconds someone suffers a stroke — every 3.1 minutes someone dies of stroke — there are 4.4 million stroke survivors — 29% of people who have strokes are under the age of 65. Stroke impacts a whole mess of us, and there’s a lot of room for improvement in its prevention and treatment. There are lots of ways you can help Crazy Al raise money for the ASA, by pledging a lot or a little, by donating art or bidding on art. One lucky pledger will get to take tiki #100 home, and it’s a beaut!

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