Leilani Lanes To Be Demolished in Spring 2006

Sad news from Seattle… according to an article in the Seattle Times, Leilani Lanes has been sold to a real estate developer, who plans to demolish it to make way for an apartment and retail complex. Leilani Lanes, open since 1961, had been owned by a collective of families; the same group also owns the non-tiki but very cool Sunset Lanes in Seattle, which has not been sold. Leilani Lanes was sold for $6.25 million to Michael R. Mastro, who also bought the adjoining property. Mastro plans to build a new complex with 363 apartment units and 62,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. Leilani Lanes will be open until March 2006.

Now I’m kicking myself doubly for forgetting to bring my camera when we visited Leilani Lanes last month, as it’s very unlikely I’ll get to see it again before it’s gone. I would guess that the Witco there will be spoken for very quickly, if it’s not gone already. Someone, get some pics, stat!

2 thoughts on “Leilani Lanes To Be Demolished in Spring 2006

  1. i think that even though that this bowling alley has closed, michael mastro should help bail out shoreline’s aurora avenue from Any stupid adult entertainment nonsense

    for example, you could have him “convert” the adult entertainment buildings
    and widen them to make more room for new buisnesses

    and the bright side is, he would be doing something good for the community
    unlike his selfish so called “apartment” fiasco on greenwood


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