Mai Kai Damaged by Hurricane Wilma

The historic Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale, site of the recent Hukilau event, suffered damage from Hurricane Wilma. Wilma hit the area the harder than any storm in 50+ years. Early reports are that the damage is mostly to the exterior, including the plank bridge at the entrance, but the interior seems to be alright, with only some minor flooding behind the stage. It’s too early yet to know what repairs will be needed.

2 thoughts on “Mai Kai Damaged by Hurricane Wilma

  1. Most of the damage has been repaired. Bora Bora has been condemned (The old gift shop on the north side) in exchange for the thatch to be replaced at the valet area. The replaced thatch (done by the Seminoles) looks beautiful. They also replaced the thatch in the Molokai Lounge, the main show area and they have just replaced the front doors to the restaurant but they have yet to be painted. The Gumbo Limbo chapter of FOM did exhaustive restoration to the tikis in the garden as well as landscaping. It looks wonderful!

    PS…new Happy Hour at the Mai Kai…half-price drinks from 5 to 7…not just your second drink free…appetizers are half price as well.


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