Tiki Oasis 6 Coming in May, But Not to Palm Springs

Room 135 Party, Tiki Oasis 2004
Room 135 Party, Tiki Oasis 2004

A definite good news/bad news situation. Make that fantastic news: happily, Otto von Stroheim has announced that the Tiki Oasis event will be taking place next year. Tiki Oasis is a huge annual tiki celebration, drawing hundreds from around the world. A formal announcement would have traditionally come much earlier in the year; the idea that it might not happen next year was making some folks quite concerned. Otto has pegged the weekend of May 7 as the tentative date.

Now the bummer: it won’t be taking place at the Caliente Tropics. There was a management change at the Caliente Tropics earlier this year, and Casey Jones is no longer part of the Caliente Tropics team. The new management doesn’t share Casey’s concern for preserving this piece of tiki history, and apparently they have no interest in attracting the tiki community as customers. According to Otto, “The new management openly scoffed at previous managements plans to improve the Tiki decor and court the Tiki audience.” Here’s more of what Otto had to say:

Pete Moruzzi, Sven [Kirsten], and I started the Tiki Oasis event as a fundraiser to support the previous owners who had bought the hotel and renovated it and saved it from getting leveled like the Kon Tiki in Phoenix. The event not only gave the hotel a boost in the arm for one weekend, it raised national and international awareness of the hotels existence resulting in increased vacationers year-round. In return the previous management supported Tiki fans and other Tiki events. (Thanks Casey!) Since the owners and management of the tropics hotel are no longer the type of people we can support we can no longer continue to have our event there. We regret having to pull support from the tropics hotel itself but we feel it is only a matter of time before the owners either run it into the ground or renovate in an effort to increase profits. Therefore we cannot support the future demise of the tropics.

I’m certainly sad, though not surprised to hear of this turn of events. But now, the fun part — speculating on where Tiki Oasis is going to happen.

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