New Ooga-Mooga Feature: Drink Matcher

Tiki Mug from Humuhumu's Collection
Tiki Mug from Humuhumu’s Collection

A new feature for Ooga-Mooga: the Drink Matcher. Ooga-Mooga has always been able to tell you the right size drink for a mug, but now it’ll look through all of your collection, and tell you the right mug for the drink you want to make! For instance, this mug here is a perfect fit for a 6 oz. drink. It even takes into account ice & leaving a bit of room at the top.

Look for the Drink Matcher under My Collection, on the right sidebar of Ooga-Mooga.

2 thoughts on “New Ooga-Mooga Feature: Drink Matcher

  1. That particular one is from Trader Dick’s, at the Nugget Casino near Reno. It’s not a terribly uncommon design, but that’s the best place to get one these days. There’s nothing quite like getting a mug the old fashioned way — with a drink in it, in a tiki bar!


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