Tiki Central Mug Design Contest

Shecky, designed by Tikifish
Shecky, designed by Tikifish

Today Hanford Lemoore announced a new Tiki Central Mug Design Contest. This is the first such contest since 2003, when Tikifish’s design for Shecky (seen at left) won the first Tiki Central Mug Design Contest. The winning design will be sculpted and produced by Munktiki. Entries are due by November 30, 2005, and each Tiki Central member can submit up to three designs. The winning mug design will be selected by Hanford Lemoore, Stuckie from Munktiki, and a selected panel of judges. The winner, in addition to getting some serious bragging rights, gets design concept credit and two free mugs. See full rules at Tiki Central.

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