Where’d Humu Go?

I’m moving! Once I’m settled in the new digs, Critiki News will sail again.

On a related note, yesterday while I was packing up my old place in Los Angeles, an ice cream truck went by. On a Monday. At the end of November. God, I’m going to miss L.A.

7 thoughts on “Where’d Humu Go?

  1. San Francisco! Well, a smidge south of S.F., if you want to be more precise about it. Unfortunately, you’ll likely miss more than just lil’ old me — Tiki-Ti is closed for the holidays until NYE.


  2. Hon, an ice cream truck just went by my house today.

    In the NORTH Bay.

    All is not lost 😉

    I totally sympathise, though. I miss LA and I’ve never even lived there! But some of the best times I’ve ever had…many of ’em, in fact…you guessed it, LA.



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