Kona Club Grand Opening, Missing Camera

Life-size bronze hula girl at Kona Club
Life-size bronze hula girl at Kona Club

Last night was the Grand Opening party for Kona Club in Oakland, and it did not disappoint. I was able to get some more photos, and have updated the entry for Kona Club in Critiki with them. There are still a few finishing touches to come (most notably, the tropical drink menu is not yet in place), but it already appears to be a very welcome presence in the neighborhood, if the crowd was any indication.

Sadly, Otto von Stroheim lost his camera at last night’s event. Losing a camera is no fun (I did it myself at Hukilau this year), but this is especially tragic, as the camera contains all the baby photos of his month-old son, Dashiell. Otto and his wife Baby Doe are understandably crushed, and are offering a reward for its return. Here’s the plea for help sent out by Baby Doe:

Otto was at the Kona Club on Saturday December 17th from about 10 pm to 1 am at some point between 11 pm and 12:30 our digital camera was misplaced along with a tan VooDoo Rum baseball cap, and a 128 MB card for our camera (may have been a 512 MB disc).

The cap and the camera were on the bar when he last saw them and the card was in a camera bag on the bar. He found the bag on the floor without the card.

The two discs contained ALL of the photos of our newborn baby! These are the ONLY photos we have of the first month of his life!

We are offering a REWARD for the return of the 2 discs!! Please help.

Our camera is a silver digital Canon that was banged up with a couple good sized dents on the body. The battery says ‘von Stroheim’ on it. Please send this e-mail to everyone you can think of that had been at the Kona Club that night.

If found please send to:
743 Haight Ave
Alameda CA 94501

Or call:

We are crossing our fingers that someone grabbed our camera by accident and is trying to figure out who it belongs to. We thank you all for your help.

Obviously, if there’s any way you can help get Otto & Baby Doe reconnected with their baby’s photos, it would be much appreciated.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

UPDATE: Otto’s camera was tracked down, thanks to photos from the event posted on Tiki Central. In several photos, the dilwad who took Otto’s camera is clearly seen wearing Otto’s pilfered hat. He was recognized, turns out he’s someone that a friend of Otto’s knows, and they were able to get the camera back. Sadly, all the images had been erased; Otto is trying to have the images restored. This jackass says he “accidentally” took the hat, the camera, and the extra card (while strangely deciding to leave the camera case behind). And, apparently, he decided to delete all photos on both cards without actually looking at them. Here’s a nice, clear picture of the guy — if you see him, don’t feel bad if you accidentally knock his drink over.

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