Monday Nights at San Francisco Trader Vic’s

Salt & Pepper shakers and some menehune
Salt & Pepper shakers and some menehune

A few months ago, when we decided to move to the Bay Area rather than settle in Los Angeles, I knew I would need replacement for my weekly Wednesday night at Tiki-Ti. We started getting together with friends on Mondays at the San Francisco Trader Vic’s. It’s been a ton of fun — like Tiki-Ti, some weeks it’s a smaller group (four people), and some weeks we’ve gotten quite a crowd. Regardless, we can always count on there being somebody there to share a drink with. Mondays work great because it’s a quieter night, there’s always room in the bar, parking is available on the street right out front, and most importantly the drinks are always spot-on because Martin & Lars work that night. One thing Trader Vic’s has that Tiki-Ti lacked is delicious food! This new Trader Vic’s opened to lackluster reviews a year ago, but I can personally say that things are very much improved, particularly the drinks. Trader Vic’s runs two happy hours on Mondays, the first one ends at 6 p.m. and the second one starts at 10 p.m., but we tend to be there between those two times.

If you find yourself looking for something to brighten your Monday night in San Francisco, please come out and join us — we’re a very friendly crowd. You’ll find us sitting at the bar.

5 thoughts on “Monday Nights at San Francisco Trader Vic’s

  1. Martin & Lars work on Friday, too — we’d love to meet you for a drink whenever/wherever you’re here!

    Good catch — we made those ourselves, their little heads pop right off.


  2. They do? Dang, I never noticed! I’m going to going downstairs right now and give mine a sex change!

    And I’ll try to convince my boss that I need to fly out a day early…;-)


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