Tiki Bar TV Podcast and Mac Icons

Tiki Bar TV
Tiki Bar TV

In Vancouver, B.C., a band of swinging goofballs produce a podcast from their home tiki bar, and they call it Tiki Bar TV. In each episode, a situation arises for which the only solution can be a tasty tropical beverage; typically, the Doctor Tiki makes a prescription, and bartender Johnny Johnny mixes it up, while the lovely Lala looks on and jiggles. A rotating cast of nutty characters breeze through, including robots, Soviets, Frenchies, and Brits. My favorite episodes are London Fogcutter and Red Oktober. The episodes are produced sporadically, and have some fun special effects work and hilarious interludes about such topics as online safety, pirates, and the intersection of geology and otters. Tiki Bar TV viewer Chad the Juggler has created a set of Mac icons inspired by Tiki Bar TV.

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