The Great Enchanted Tiki Room Dress Story

Enchanted Tiki Room Dress
Enchanted Tiki Room Dress

This past summer, to celebrate the new Enchanted Tiki Room merchandise that Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily created for Disney, they were invited to do a presentation to the NFFC (that’s a huge Disney fan organization) at their big annual Disneyana convention in Anaheim. Kevin & Jody, who have a pretty darned good sense of show themselves, decided to go beyond just a simple “here’s what we’re selling” spiel, and instead developed a whole performance emceed by King Kukulele. There was singing, there was whistling, there was comedy bits. It was a smash success.

For the show, they wore their reproduction purple Enchanted Tiki Room shirts, one of the more anticipated items in the new merchandise. Kevin & Jody also happened to have the original, vintage, matching purple Enchanted Tiki Room dress; they had pressed the Powers That Be at Disney to also do a repro of the dress, and they were laughed at — their coworkers said no one would be caught dead in such a frumpy, dated dress! So, only the shirt was made.

Kevin & Jody asked me to participate in their show for the NFFC, and I got to wear their vintage Enchanted Tiki Room dress, which was a dream. We were quite a sight, all four of us in our matching purple Tiki Room prints, and after the show was over we went to Disneyland in them. It was a blast. I posted the story of this event, and the pictures from it, in a thread on Tiki Central.

Fast forward a bit — Kevin walks into the Disney offices one morning to see this picture of me EVERYWHERE.

It was on everybody’s desk, including the VP, and one of the women in the apparel group had it blown up to be a few feet tall and mounted on posterboard. You can probably imagine Kevin’s “what the…?!?” expression that morning, trying to figure out why he was seeing a picture of his weekly drinking buddy all over the place at work. He asked around to find out where everybody had gotten the picture, and discovered that someone at Disney had — totally independently from any efforts of Kevin & Jody — found that Tiki Central thread about the NFFC show, and the picture of me in that dress, and had flipped their lid! All of a sudden, they now LOVE this dress, and decided to make it.

They had already used all of the purple fabric for making the shirts. They were already underway on developing a reproduction of the vintage green version of the shirt, so they decided to make this dress in the green fabric.

So, this spring, you will be able to purchase this dress, in the same print but with a green background instead of purple, thanks to this bizarre turn of events!

8 thoughts on “The Great Enchanted Tiki Room Dress Story

  1. How exciting, Humu! Such wonderful happenstance that there’s the one vintage dress and it happens to fit you, of all peeps. May look like yuck on me but I want it, just because.


  2. Pardon me for saying so but, you’d look cute in a gunnie sack! Who’s to say what it would look like on a mere mortal.


  3. hi ya tiki lovers, i just listed an original 1964 green enchanted tiki room shirt on ebay. if you would like to have a look, check out item 6618969642. pretty cool and thought you would enjoy it if you like the dress.


  4. It just goes to show that sometime the MAGIC is still alive….. I was very lucky to get the shirt in the purple and the green. And I’m so glad someone woke up and made the dress. Thankz for the great story, keep up the hard work Kevin & Jody…


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