The Shady Dell’s Tiki Bus

The Shady Dell's Tiki Bus
The Shady Dell’s Tiki Bus

The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona is an unusual hotel, offering a number of different travel trailers for rental to visitors to this remote, historic town. These trailers are restored vintage aluminum travel trailers, and feature vintage furnishings including televisions and phonographs. In recent years, they have added a 1947 Airporter bus that has been turned into a “Polynesian Palace,” complete with a hand-carved outrigger bar and “resident Tiki god.”

3 thoughts on “The Shady Dell’s Tiki Bus

  1. Ha!, I forgot about this place. I havent been fortunate enough to stay there but its getting hotter down here in Phoenix and a good road trip is always around the corner. Actually I cant remember if Bisbee is even cooler than Phoenix?


  2. I found it when searching for fun stuff to do in the area. We booked it only for a night because we are travelling like vagabonds all over AZ. I plan to smuggle some tiki mugs and the makings to christen the tiki bus proper for our fun! Pics soon as we will be there this time next week.

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