Tiki Gig Poster Fantasia

Gig poster from Coop
Gig poster from Coop

My friend Selector Lopaka has had a yen for rock show posters dating back to his days in the early ’90s Seattle scene. His fascination with rock artwork meets his tiki lovin’ ways in a collection of posters he’s shared on Tiki Central with tiki or tiki-friendly imagery in them. Lopaka says he’s found many of these images on gigposters.com, and he’s given the artist’s name when he could find it. Some of the tiki images are new creations, some are borrowings of older imagery, some are inspired, some are not, but all are a treat to view. Pictured here is one from the artist Coop.

One thought on “Tiki Gig Poster Fantasia

  1. I just wanted to thank you, HumuHumu, for producing all 0f your excielent websites. This site, in particular, is very well done, and heaped with great stuff. The art work posted in this particular post caught my eye. However I am blown away at how huge Tiki is. I am going to turn my friends on to this site and see if I can’t get some Ooga Mooga mug search party orgainzed. Im located in PDX. Thanks again.


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