Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge Coming to Alameda

Forbidden Island in Alameda
Forbidden Island in Alameda

A thrilling development: a new tiki bar is coming to the Bay Area — Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge. Forbidden Island is appropriately situated on the island of Alameda, just east of San Francisco, and is scheduled to open in April. Forbidden Island is the creation of Martin Cate (a.k.a. Martiki), whose commitment to the finer points of cocktail construction has been well-documented, and Conga Mike Thanos and Mano Thanos, who own the nearby Conga Lounge. Sure enough, Forbidden Island’s focus is on serving high-quality, balanced tropical drinks, in a setting that evokes the historic tiki traditions established by folks like Don the Beachcomber (a.k.a. Donn Beach), Eli Hedley, “Tiki Bob” Bryant and Victor Bergeron.

I’ve been asked to develop the website for Forbidden Island, so I’ve gotten to hear lots of details about what’s coming, and I am beyond excited. The lounge will have an intimate and cozy feel, with lots of details including bamboo huts and waterfalls, and a lush outdoor patio in the back. The music played will all be pre-1964. The drinks — oh, the drinks — the drinks will be unbeatable, Martin will make sure of that. The words “fresh ingredients” fall from his lips frequently these days. Expect there to quickly be a spot at the bar with wear in the shape of a tiny Humu derrière.

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