New Website for Munk-E by Stuckie

Munk-E by Stuckie
Munk-E by Stuckie

Stuckie, of Munktiki, has launched a whole new website dedicated to his special line of monkey mugs, Munk-E by Stuckie. These mugs are each one-of-a-kind, with customizable details. Some are simple, some are ornate — sometimes it’s a cool paint job (like the camo Munk-E), other times there are post-mold body mods (like the Robot and Beachcomber Munk-Es). These have become hot collectible items, and are made with the same loving craft as the best Munktiki mugs. There’s a Munk-E making section, where you can dress a Munk-E up in duds, and pierce & tattoo him. Be sure to interrogate the little Munk-E on the main page about what he’s hiding behind his back — there are some fun surprises.

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