Online Polynesian Menu Collections

Kelbo's menu
Kelbo’s menu

Mr. Bali Hai’s Eye of the Goof blog has a spotlight on online menu collections. He’s pulled out some real humdingers, including this appetizing Kelbo’s menu pictured above. The Samoan Village and Kona Inn menus also have some really great imagery and fonts. Be sure to check out the drink menu illustrations on the Kona Inn one. I could spend hours looking at menus, they’re like little 2-D time portals. And sumptuously decorated ones, at that. These are great resources, but my favorite collection remains that of my friend Mimi Payne (many of hers are on view in Critiki).

2 thoughts on “Online Polynesian Menu Collections

  1. When I lived in Hollywood in the mid-late 1970’s, a special treat was to go out to eat at Kelbo’s on Fairfax. It was like eating in Disneyland. Total hawaiian-tiki hut style atmosphere with crazy blowfish lights, thatched hut booths, tiki gods and unique lanterns. They had the greatest giant movie screen on the wall that constantly showed famous Big band-Swing orchestras performing quite loudly -that patrons could enjoy while dining on excellent tropical grilled pineapple pork-sweet potato dishes. The drinks were served in flaming coconuts and tasted like heaven. Music and atmosphere were out of this world!


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