Ooga-Mooga Gets Crazy-Affordable

Horned Skull from the collection of Atomicchick
Horned Skull from the collection of Atomicchick

My website for tiki mug collectors, Ooga-Mooga, is now six months old. A few days ago, when I created the mug template for the Horned Skull (designed by Stuckie of Munktiki) Ooga-Mooga reached 1,000 different mugs in its database. I’m just absolutely thrilled at how Ooga-Mooga has been embraced. There have been some great stories from people about how Ooga-Mooga has made an impact for them, but this one from Tiki-Kate, whose mug collection was badly damaged when a car crashed into her house (!), takes the cake:

Ooga-Mooga was such a tremendous help to me in getting my collection back in shape after the accident at my house. I never would have been able to figure out what was missing if I didn’t have each mug cataloged. Also, my insurance adjuster used Ooga-Mooga to verify the replacement values on my mugs.


I want more people to enjoy Ooga-Mooga, so I’ve dropped the price for it considerably — you can now get your entire mug collection online for as little as $1 a month! A full-access Trader account is only $1.50 a month. By getting your collection up in Ooga-Mooga, you can track its value, find the best mug to use for the drink you want to make, trade and sell mugs, learn more about what you have in your collection, and of course you can let others see and drool over your collection.

I’ve learned so much about mugs, and seen so many beautiful collections and mugs I’d never seen before, thanks to Ooga-Mooga. As I’m writing this, people have added 2,997 mugs into Ooga-Mooga, it’ll probably roll over to 3,000 very shortly. There are well over 3,000 photographs of mugs in Ooga-Mooga. Thank you to all the collectors who have shared their collection with the world using Ooga-Mooga!

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