Tonga Hut Future Looks Promising

Tonga Hut in North Hollywood
Tonga Hut in North Hollywood

Following up on my report from a month ago, things are looking bright indeed for the Tonga Hut in North Hollywood. The new management has been true to their stated intentions to “preserve the tiki vibe of the place.” This is the third owner in as many years, and they’ve only had the place since November, but positive changes have started already — the beer signs are gone, a map of Tonga has been restored, the tikis are still happily in place, and work is underway to get the fountains working again. Bartender Cyd, who has been there for nearly three years, says “it is so nice to finally have owners that care!” Work is taking me to Los Angeles this week, I’m hoping to pop my head in myself to see how things are coming along, and get some pictures.

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