Vintage Disney Views at Stuff from the Park

Tahitian Terrace, from Stuff from The Park
Tahitian Terrace, from Stuff from The Park

A fellow going by Matterhorn1959 has started a really stellar new blog, called Stuff from the Park. In it, he posts vintage images from Disneyland (and sometimes other amusement parks) on a nearly daily basis. These images come from vacation slides, mostly, and date from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. In each post he presents a short blurb about the image, with a thumbnail linking to a large version of the picture. The images are gorgeous and give a remarkable view of what the park used to look like.

There are a few tiki-related images so far — two exterior views of the Tahitian Terrace from 1959 (pre-Enchanted Tiki Room), one snapshot of dancers at the Tahitian Terrace show from 1973, and one photo of a tiki and shell fountain at the Marineland of the Pacific park in Rancho Palos Verdes.

This new blog has definitely stoked my Disneyland jones — not that it takes much! Thank goodness we’re going to Disneyland this week… mmmmm, turkey leg.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Disney Views at Stuff from the Park

  1. Matterhorn1959 is my good friend and collector, Patrick Jenkins – who has one of the best Disneyland (and other theme park) collections I’ve ever seen! It’s a really great thing that he’s sharing his ephemera this way….


  2. Hello,
    I have a pair of what look to be early 1960 Disneyland mugs for commercial use? (Coffee Shop in Disneyland maybe) They are pretty heavy the Disney Castle is framed in an fancy gold oval with a pink banding around the top. The other has a baby blue banding. The bands have a thin band of gold surrounding them. At one time it looks like the rim of mugs had gold around them also. Most of that has worn off, though. Have you see these anywhere? Are the common?
    Thanks so much for you time,


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