Lucky Tiki Moving in October

Crazy Al tiki at Lucky Tiki
Crazy Al tiki at Lucky Tiki

The Lucky Tiki in Mission Hills, which opened just over a year ago, will be moving to a new location in October 2006. The strip mall the Lucky Tiki is in was recently sold to a developer who reportedly intends to build a car lot on the spot. However, the Lucky Tiki has a very long lease, so the new owner is buying out the lease and paying moving costs, allowing Lucky Tiki owner Bobby Green to move the Lucky Tiki to a new, larger, better location in North Hollywood. Lucky indeed!

Bobby says he is especially looking forward to being able to host live music acts in the new space. The new location is not far from the Tonga Hut, creating all sorts of great North Hollywood crawling/hopping possibilities. The Lucky Tiki will remain in Mission Hills for seven more months, with the last day being September 30 — look for news about a big bash to say goodbye to the old location. Bobby aims to have the Lucky Tiki closed for only a month before opening in the new North Hollywood spot.

3 thoughts on “Lucky Tiki Moving in October

  1. Well, just what we need in the neighborhood — another f!@#$$ car lot. I hope they find another location in Granada Hills or Mission Hills — we are desperate up here.


  2. Shhhhoot! Another Car lot…great! I worked up the street at Hamer and now there gonna put another lot? C’mon Tiki fellas open somewhere close. Say no to Noho. But if you do have room for a band. I guess Ill get wasted at Gary’s Sports Lounge, where’s my dignity gone?


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