Amazing Tiki Guest Bedroom by Bamboo Ben

Tiki guest bedroom by Bamboo Ben
Tiki guest bedroom by Bamboo Ben

This past summer, northern Californian Tiki Lee contracted Bamboo Ben to create a tiki paradise in his guest bedroom. The space is well-suited, with a tall, vaulted ceiling just screaming out for bamboo. Armed with supplies from Whittier’s venerable Oceanic Arts, Ben transformed the space completely. The result is fantastic, with so many impressive and creative little details and touches… right down to the inside of the closet and the private bathroom. It’s hard to believe this has been created especially for guests, and not for Tiki Lee’s own use! That’s hospitality.

This year Bamboo Ben been kept very busy with custom jobs like Tiki Lee’s, and much of his work has been for new and old tiki bars (his work on Oakland’s Kona Club has been highlighted previously on Critiki News). If you’d like a bit of Ben for your own home, swing by his storefront in Huntington Beach, where you can buy tiki bars of all sizes, signs, and furniture, or chat about custom work. We’ve got two Bamboo Ben bars here at home, and they are very solid and gorgeous showpieces.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Tiki Guest Bedroom by Bamboo Ben

  1. Your website has alot of great info I would like to start being more active with my site by adding info and stats on upcoming events and shows etc……. so if you would send me over some info and i’ll have my guy keep us here in FLA updated as to the latest and greatest…

    The Don


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