Mai Tai Online Has a New Website

Mai Tai Online
Mai Tai Online

Since 1998, John Trivisonno and the Montreal Tiki Appreciation Society have been publishing Mai Tai, a ‘zine dedicated to tiki, with a particular emphasis on Montreal and surrounding areas. There have been 14 issues of Mai Tai thus far, and the latest issues have branched out a bit (#14 has an article covering the Havana Trader Vic’s/El Polinesio). I love this little ‘zine. Copies can be ordered online for $2.50 or at Quimby’s in Chicago, and a limited quantity of free copies are available at Motel Coconut in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Tiki-Ti in Los Angeles and the Tiki Room in Stockholm, Sweden. The new website for Mai Tai will include a selection of articles from past issues of Mai Tai, and has a new blog, called Bamboo Blog.

One thought on “Mai Tai Online Has a New Website

  1. Thanks for calling this site to my attention.
    I had no idea Montreal had all the tiki it does, and even though I’m somewhat far from there (in Southern NH)it’s easier than getting to Florida or Cali!


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