Chongolio Wins Tiki Central Mug Contest

Chongolio's Winning Tiki Central Mug design
Chongolio’s Winning Tiki Central Mug design

The winner of Tiki Central’s mug design contest has been announced, and the winning design is the Tiki Central ‘Ohana Hut from Santa Cruz-based artist Chongolio. The mug is actually more of a bowl, taking the shape of a hut with a roof and four straw holes. The design is a new twist on bowl design and very unique, but at the same looks like the sort of thing that a vintage mug creator would have come up with. It also is a great representation of what Tiki Central is all about — a fantastic place where lots of diverse folks with common interests can come together and share — in this case, a tasty beverage. Hanford Lemoore says it was the clear winner, despite some very stiff competition; the array of talent shown in the entries was truly impressive. The contest was judged by a panel of 26 Tiki Centralites, selected by Hanford Lemoore to be a cross-section of TCers from different areas, with different reasons for loving tiki, and both old-timers and newcomers. I was not a judge for the contest, but this was the design I was rooting for, and I’m so glad it won.

Now that the design has been selected, the hard part comes — making it a reality. Stuckie from Munktiki has been kind enough to take on the task, and he and Hanford are currently working out the details of the design and the production. Due to the large size and relative complexity of the piece (which is also exactly what makes the design so fantastic), it’s probably going to take a bit of time, but the end product is certain to be worth it.

Congratulations to Chongolio!

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